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  • Big Consultancy and The Rise of The Non-Expert ‘Experts’

    Big Consultancy and The Rise of The Non-Expert ‘Experts’

    No one ever got fired for hiring McKinsey, or so the saying goes. The total size of the global transformation market is expected to grow from $445.4bn in 2017 to $2,279.4bn by 2025. The consulting component of a transformation programme alone is worth $44bn. As a result, the likes of PwC, Deloitte, KPMG and Ernst… Read more

  • Innovation Doesn’t Happen By Accident

    Innovation Doesn’t Happen By Accident

    Trickle down innovation, just like trickle down economics, doesn’t trickle down very far at all. When leaders are implored to innovate they often go for the easiest and most attractive option, innovation theatre: You bring someone in to give an “inspirational talk” on innovation  You hold a one-day workshop to get your company to be… Read more

  • The Creativity Productivity Paradox

    The Creativity Productivity Paradox

    You can’t endorse a top-down authority structure and be serious about enhancing adaptability, innovation, or engagement. Gary Hamel Employers are facing a conundrum: a generational gap in job satisfaction. Research seems to indicate that while Gen Z and millennial workers report higher job satisfaction, they’re more likely to be looking for new roles. In contrast,… Read more

  • Analysis Paralysis and The Threat To Innovation

    Analysis Paralysis and The Threat To Innovation

    A much delayed first post of 2023, which has been for a couple of reasons. Firstly I’ve taken a super relaxing break and switched off completely rather than my usual rambling around. I’ve been staying in one of those Caribbean mega hotels beloved by East Coast Americans looking to escape the winter freeze – and… Read more

  • Designing For Ambiguity

    Designing For Ambiguity

    When you introduce ambiguity, rather than control, into a system, people think for themselves and find a way to reach the right answer. Mark McArthur Christie The only traffic sign in the small northern Dutch village of Makkinga says ‘Verkeersbordvrij’ which translates as ‘free of traffic signs’.  People living there have to find their own way around,… Read more

  • Why Big Teams Keep Getting Bigger

    Why Big Teams Keep Getting Bigger

    Large teams, like large movie studios, are more likely to generate sequels than produce anything new Read more