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  • A Fair Deal – Changing Customer Behaviours – The Customer Deal Blog

    Michael O’Leary, Ryanairs love him or hate him CEO, was on good form on Monday’s BBC Breakfast. Defending accusations of hidden charges, he said Ryanair were simply changing customer’s behaviours. They were getting passengers to act in such a way that Ryanair could continue to provide an average fair of less than £40. Now whatever you… Read more

  • A Design For Life – The Customer Deal – New Blog

    It’s not often you get the chance to go back to the start. To redesign your customer experience from the beginning of the relationship About a year ago we started talking to customers about their part in our service offer. We had worked with them to develop a new Bromford Offer – based on the experiences of thousands of customers. It had… Read more

  • Building Stronger Communities – Transcript of our Customer Debate on UK Riots

      Building Stronger Communities Debate The following is an open transcript of the Twitter/Facebook and Customer Influence Meeting Debate regarding Bromford’s response to the civil unrest and riots that broke out in parts of the UK in Summer 2011. The summary conclusions reached by our customers were: 1 – Customers feel that Bromford’s approach of… Read more

  • Are we ready for the rise of the untethered customer? Blog update #ukhousing

    “What is a smartphone anyway?” I was asked by a colleague this week. I broke into a cold sweat. Especially as it was during a meeting about digital inclusion. If this is the kind of question you hear asked often, you need to start worrying. Now. I love working in housing. Genuinely. But whilst we… Read more

  • Top 5 things to look for in Customer Feedback – Blog Update #custserve #cex

    Auditors arrived today to look at our Customer Experience Measurement Programme. I’m not sure what they are up to. I probably should have paid more attention. I generally tend to approach new people I meet from a position of trust. Auditors , on the other hand , occupy a place in my mind with small children , teetotalers,… Read more

  • Bridging The Digital Divide – Blog Update. #digitalbritain

    Met with BT and Citizens Online yesterday as part of our project to get 100% of our communities online – and doing business with us online –  by 2016. ( Blogs are brilliant – I just completely made that target up , but its my blog so who says it can’t  be true?) What we want to enable for customers is… Read more

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