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  • Customer Influence Blog Update – An #openbusiness

    For me – an open business is one which conducts itself transparently and isn’t afraid to share what its senior leaders are thinking with its customers and its colleagues. The best idea’s and answers rarely come from executives but usually from listening to those closest to the product and closest to customers. Here is a… Read more

  • Customer Annual Reports – A Million Pound Waste of Time – Blog Update #ukhousing

    A customer mailed me last week about our latest reports. Here’s a snippet… ” I think these reports are largely a waste of time. The first priority of the tenant is their own home. As I have said before, if there is something wrong you will hear about it soon enough. Beyond that I doubt whether… Read more

  • Project E-bromford…….Broadband Pilot

    Some great news to start the week. We’ve just heard that we have been chosen along with Newport City Homes to be amongst the first UK trialists in a project to provide housing association customers with low cost internet access. The idea is that BT will provide equipment, installation, support and an internet package. Microsoft… Read more

  • Does involving customers in your business really lead to innovation?

    Mario. Not Designed By Customers                                   It’s been interesting reading the Steve Jobs quotes circulating around the internet. The one that struck me most was this one:   “It’s really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of… Read more

  • Bridging The Digital Divide….Blog Update

      Had a good chat yesterday with Solitaire Pritchard , who despite her name , is not a Bond Girl , but works in regeneration at Newport City Homes.   Like us they are really interested in doing more business with customers online and the greater opportunities it brings them.   Like us their intelligence… Read more

  • We can laugh at the end of the Burger King but also need to look at ourselves…

    Burger King have dumped their mascot of seven years after sluggish sales and a huge drop in customer affinity to the brand.  Many of us are wondering why it took them that long to realise that people found the “King” a bit off-putting to say the least. A grown man in a bizarre plastic mask… Read more

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