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I’m a problem solver, facilitator, innovator and designer. I work with organisations to identify problems and solve them in ways that combine creativity with practical implementation. I have a track record in project delivery and service change that crosses all disciplines and has resulted in millions of pounds in business benefits. This work has resulted in numerous acknowledgements and awards. In 2013 I established Bromford Lab as a new way for the organisation to embrace challenge and adopt a ‘fast fail’ approach to open innovation. Nearly everything the Lab works on is openly accessible at I'm a regular contributor to forums , think-tanks , and research reports and a speaker or advisor at conferences and events.


Do Bromford “Do What We Say We Will”? Customer Influence Meeting Notes

CUSTOMER INFLUENCE GROUP CONTACT OFFER GROUP – AUGUST 2011 This Groups purpose is to make sure we are A) Sticking to our Customer Service Offer and B) ensuring we are transparent and open when we need to improve it How are we performing right now? At present, 86.8% customers would recommend us for “doing what ...


Living in Your Home – priorities July/August 2011

CUSTOMER INFLUENCE GROUP LIVING IN YOUR HOME CUSTOMER STEERING GROUP JULY 2011 How are we performing right now? 8.1 customers out 10 feel their home works for them – which is slightly less than last quarter. Gas Serving & Repairs scores have improved quite significantly with real positive comments from customers. Satisfaction with New Homes has dipped ...

What Sky could learn from Amazon

Working at home today. Not that I wanted to – but I finally got an engineer out after two weeks of complaining to Sky about a regular drop out with my broadband. The people I’ve dealt with at Sky have been pretty much great and really helpful. Apart from the self test diagnostics they get you ...