• How To Make A Paradigm Shift

    Last week I was in Amsterdam with the Disruptive Innovators Network (you can read my daily updates, here, here, and here) and it got me thinking about how we make the shift from current behaviours and ways of operating. Travelling across the city you’d think Amsterdam had been designed in a lab rather than being…

  • Can We Really Trust People To Do The Right Thing?

    TLDR: the answer is yes

  • How Do We Emerge From a State of Fear?

    Be afraid. Be very afraid. That is how the media approached Covid. Be afraid of everything. Be afraid of being tall. Be afraid of being bald. Be afraid of going to the shops and accepting home deliveries. The fearmongering is relentless. Be afraid of your pets. Be afraid for your pets. Just be afraid. Laura Dodsworth In August last year I went back to the…

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