Redefining Trust In A Digital Age

Trust is not coming back. Scepticism reigns, as it should. – Gerry McGovern Since the industrial revolution,  a trusting relationship between individuals and organisations has been the norm. This has shaped the way we communicate – both internally and externally. It has resulted in the issuing of corporate annual reports, press releases , customer satisfaction scoresContinue reading “Redefining Trust In A Digital Age”

Building Trust and Standing Out in the Digital Age

In many ways the events of 2016 are less a surprise and more the logical outcome of what we already knew. As I wrote early last year – we are in an era of ‘trust deficit’ – where more people distrust institutions than believe in them. When belief in government, business, media and nonprofits dips below 50%,Continue reading “Building Trust and Standing Out in the Digital Age”

People Don’t Believe Our Organisations – Here’s Why

There’s not a week goes by – and I mean that quite literally – in which we don’t see a sector bemoan its image problem. The launch of some campaign or other to raise awareness of a ‘message’ and get people to see the valuable contribution it makes to society. This week it’s housing, butContinue reading “People Don’t Believe Our Organisations – Here’s Why”

Innovation, the Death of Email and Star Wars. My top posts of 2015

It’s slightly self indulgent to do an end of year review of your own posts , but I do find it useful to reflect what’s gone down well and what’s not over the past 12 months. This has been a strange year for this blog as I started off posting quite prolifically before becoming farContinue reading “Innovation, the Death of Email and Star Wars. My top posts of 2015”

How To Keep Your Customers Loving Your Brand

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon This is one of the most interesting infographics I’ve seen recently. The huge advocacy for Amazon is amazing.  95% of those surveyed say they “Love the Brand”. But TUI – the German travel company that most of usContinue reading “How To Keep Your Customers Loving Your Brand”

Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?

It’s May 2008 , and Helena Moore and I have just left the stage at the European Customer Management World Conference. We had just presented to an audience that included John Lewis , Microsoft and some young startup outfit called Facebook. People who we would now recognise as experts in marketing their product and selling theirContinue reading “Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?”