• Turn Your Company Into A Problem Solving Machine

    Last week I spent four and half hours in a room with my colleagues trying to get to the root of a problem. Six colleagues: 27 hours of just thinking. Einstein believed the quality of the solution you generate is in direct proportion to your ability to identify the problem you hope to solve. If you jump…

  • How To Kill Ideas (Part 53)

    Many organisations act as inhibitors of innovation. Rules and protocols are put in place, often for very good reasons, that preserve the status quo.  Over time, organisations develop a set of social norms – ‘the way we do things around here’ – that can quell any creativity or dissent. Organisations can quickly develop an autonomic immune response…

  • The Problem With Constantly Finding Problems

    Our brain is constantly searching for problems to fix, even when that problem is reducing. When something becomes rare, we tend to see it in places more than ever. Anyone whose job involves reducing the prevalence of something should know that it isn’t always easy to tell when their work is done

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