Digital Myths

How confident are you using the internet? On a scale of 1 to 10. And how confident would you say the average user of social housing is? Last week , I posted about the myth of social housing residents and digital inclusion. How 99% of our new customers said they had the ability to access theContinue reading “Digital Myths”

Let’s make job descriptions inspirational….

About 3 months ago I posted a blog/rant about why most Job Descriptions are complete rubbish. You know what I’m talking about. You read the one for the job you are doing now. Uninspiring: Although you said it was really really exciting at interview. Impenetrable: You had to search the web to understand some ofContinue reading “Let’s make job descriptions inspirational….”

Is expecting a contribution to community such a bad thing?

Yesterday ,on the  Guardian Housing Network , I asked whether it’s right that a Housing Association should expect a resident to make some sort of contribution to the community they move into. That we expect , as the default position , that everyone makes 5% extra effort to help their new community be the best itContinue reading “Is expecting a contribution to community such a bad thing?”

Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..

There are two opinions that are definite no-go zones amongst the liberal left twitterati. Opinions that , if you were to express them openly , could see you banished to the most remote, uninhabited and hostile parts of the social media planet.(Linkedin…..or even worse, Google+) What are they? 1 – Saying you think the NHSContinue reading “Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..”

Feeling like a somebody rather than a nobody…..

The other day I blogged about the negative press surrounding work experience. And about how employers have to think differently to create a positive experience that unlocks potential in people. Especially the people who are the future of work and will expect very different career paths than my generation. Quite by chance , Marie –Continue reading “Feeling like a somebody rather than a nobody…..”

On this work experience thing……..

  Designing The Experience of Work I hated my work experience. Two weeks spent making cup’s of tea and doing the filing for embittered old men. It instilled in me a fear of offices, old men and filing that took 6 years to get over.   Then I found a manager who helped me find what I liked doing.Continue reading “On this work experience thing……..”