Robot Revolution: Our disappearing jobs and the future of work

“Imagine a pair of horses in the early 1900s talking about technology. One worries that all these new mechanical muscles will make horses unnecessary. The other reminds him that everything so far has made their lives easier. Remember all that farm work? Remember running coast-to-coast delivering mail? Remember riding into battle? All terrible. These cityContinue reading “Robot Revolution: Our disappearing jobs and the future of work”

The Connected Homeless

“It’s amazing how nice their Smartphones are. Some would actually go without food rather than lose their Smartphone.” This quote is from a manager of a homelessness hostel.  Someone who has observed up close that, for the Connected Generation , staying in touch with their networks isn’t a luxury- it’s a necessity. This isn’t somethingContinue reading “The Connected Homeless”

Let’s make job descriptions inspirational….

About 3 months ago I posted a blog/rant about why most Job Descriptions are complete rubbish. You know what I’m talking about. You read the one for the job you are doing now. Uninspiring: Although you said it was really really exciting at interview. Impenetrable: You had to search the web to understand some ofContinue reading “Let’s make job descriptions inspirational….”

Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..

There are two opinions that are definite no-go zones amongst the liberal left twitterati. Opinions that , if you were to express them openly , could see you banished to the most remote, uninhabited and hostile parts of the social media planet.(Linkedin…..or even worse, Google+) What are they? 1 – Saying you think the NHSContinue reading “Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..”

On this work experience thing……..

  Designing The Experience of Work I hated my work experience. Two weeks spent making cup’s of tea and doing the filing for embittered old men. It instilled in me a fear of offices, old men and filing that took 6 years to get over.   Then I found a manager who helped me find what I liked doing.Continue reading “On this work experience thing……..”