Top 50 Power Players In #UKHousing 2014 – Your Vote Counts….

A year ago I published The Top 50 Power Players In Housing [Klout Edition] – featuring people working in and around the sector. The idea came to me as I was sipping rum at a beach bar in Jamaica, checking my Klout score and wondering why I hadn’t made the main list in 24 HousingContinue reading “Top 50 Power Players In #UKHousing 2014 – Your Vote Counts….”

The Battle Against Digital Disruption

A friend of mine – a Housing Association resident – has just received her shiny new smartphone. It’s got a High Definition display more advanced than a TV that just four years would have cost over £1000. It can be controlled without actually touching it. It tracks her eye and wrist movement and stops playingContinue reading “The Battle Against Digital Disruption”

Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?

It’s May 2008 , and Helena Moore and I have just left the stage at the European Customer Management World Conference. We had just presented to an audience that included John Lewis , Microsoft and some young startup outfit called Facebook. People who we would now recognise as experts in marketing their product and selling theirContinue reading “Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?”

10 Myths From The Year We Went Social

2012 – The Year We Went Social from Paul Taylor 2012 was the year in which the Housing Association sector went social. It’s very positive that so many of us have recognised the clear customer service and business benefits that social and digital engagement can bring. This was year we went social. And these areContinue reading “10 Myths From The Year We Went Social”