• The Anatomy of a Great Idea

    Ideas are not invented equally. I’d suggest that anyone who repeats the adage that ‘no idea is a bad idea’ has never attended a management away day. So what makes a great idea?

  • How To Kill Ideas (Part 53)

    Many organisations act as inhibitors of innovation. Rules and protocols are put in place, often for very good reasons, that preserve the status quo.  Over time, organisations develop a set of social norms – ‘the way we do things around here’ – that can quell any creativity or dissent. Organisations can quickly develop an autonomic immune response…

  • Why Do Bad Ideas Spread So Easily?

    Bad ideas can spread much more easily than good ones. And in a world of complex problems – it’s understandable why people reach for ideas that sound like easy solutions. So it’s important to understand how bad ideas spread as you can use the same tactics to spread your good ones.

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