The New Transparency

What does having an open social media policy say about a company?

For me , it says nothing about social media and everything about trust.

Trust in your people – you believe that they come to work to do good things , not wreck your reputation.

Trust in yourself – you are an open business and don’t have things to hide. You are ethical and you do good things.

I’ve been involved in a couple of discussions recently about the value of employer presence on social media. It emerged as number of businesses are considering scaling down their social media presence amid fears of risk and bad PR.

In those conversations we talked about a “new transparency” – something far more meaningful than whether you publish every item of expenditure over £500.

A transparency that says we are confident , even when facing criticism, in our people and our culture. We encourage each other to post and blog and talk about the work we are doing.

It’s a transparency that says , if you believe in our values then why not be our next customer or next recruitment?

More and more people are making career choices based upon the social credentials of an organisation. And more and more are seeing access to social media as a right not a benefit.

Far from being just another fad, your social media policy and the way you use it might well be your most valuable USP.

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