Do You Really Know What Is Going On In Your Organisation?

We are at an inflection point: When it comes to workplace culture, there is a large gap between what leaders think is going on and what employees say is happening on the ground. The Hidden Value Of Culture Makers According to the latest Accenture report – two thirds of leaders feel they create empowering environments—inContinue reading “Do You Really Know What Is Going On In Your Organisation?”

The Complex Problem With Big Change Programmes

Change-washing (noun): the process of introducing reforms that purport to bring about change but fail to result in any substantive shifts in systems, services or culture.  — Thea Snow and Abe Greenspoon One of the unfortunate side-effects of writing a post that becomes popular such as  People Aren’t Sick Of Change. They’re Just Sick OfContinue reading “The Complex Problem With Big Change Programmes”

How Good Company Culture Can Go Bad

Here’s a sentence I never thought I’d write. One of the best hours I spent this week was with our Governance, Risk and Assurance Team. There – I said it. Joking aside, the relationship between governance and innovation is an important one.  As I wrote in my last post – for an organisation to support innovationContinue reading “How Good Company Culture Can Go Bad”

Creating The Right Culture For Innovation and Change

I’m not sure I buy into the concept of organisations having a culture of innovation. After all, innovation is a process consisting of four things: Having an idea that solves a problem Doing something with that idea Proving that it delivers new value for people Translating it into reality and making it part of theContinue reading “Creating The Right Culture For Innovation and Change”