• The People Vs The System – and Why The People Rarely Win

    What if we overstate the effect of the people in our organisations, and we spend too much time addressing what they feel and think without addressing the more complex, systemic problems that influence how they perform or behave?

  • Why Do Bad Ideas Spread So Easily?

    Bad ideas can spread much more easily than good ones. And in a world of complex problems – it’s understandable why people reach for ideas that sound like easy solutions. So it’s important to understand how bad ideas spread as you can use the same tactics to spread your good ones.

  • Does Benchmarking Really Save Companies From Failure?

    Even in the very best organisations, bad practice is waiting just around the corner. In 2014 General Motors began the recall of the Chevrolet Cobalt which would ultimately affect nearly 30 million cars worldwide. The problem was with the ignition switch which could shut off the car while it was being driven, disabling power steering, power…

  • Best Practice, Benchmarking and the Race to Mediocrity

    We must be different. We must be lopsided. No more herdlike regression toward the mean – we must find the things at which we’re great, and build on those – Tim Kastelle A few years ago my organisation adopted a new way of working. We implemented it , with the help of consultants, as it had achieved glowing…

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