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What’s in a name?

How do you describe what you do? A few months ago an incredibly wise guy by the name of Bob Battye delivered a session to our Leadership team. He challenged us to re-write our Linkedin profiles describing what we were like as people – what we were actually about – rather than what we actually ...


Let’s make job descriptions inspirational….

About 3 months ago I posted a blog/rant about why most Job Descriptions are complete rubbish. You know what I’m talking about. You read the one for the job you are doing now. Uninspiring: Although you said it was really really exciting at interview. Impenetrable: You had to search the web to understand some of ...


On this work experience thing……..

  Designing The Experience of Work I hated my work experience. Two weeks spent making cup’s of tea and doing the filing for embittered old men. It instilled in me a fear of offices, old men and filing that took 6 years to get over.   Then I found a manager who helped me find what I liked doing. ...