Four Factors Hindering Transformation

The problem with good service design is that you don’t notice it. It’s only when you experience truly bad design that you appreciate the good stuff. That’s why so few organisations are design led. They focus on designing out the bad rather than designing in the good from the beginning. Earlier this week I orderedContinue reading “Four Factors Hindering Transformation”

Is It Time To Rethink Industry Awards?

Award schemes have become a form of media. They exist to generate income for an organisation through a combination of entry fees and overpriced chicken dinners – Stephen Waddington It can sometimes feel like there is an industry awards ceremony for every night of the week. A Google search for ‘housing awards’ will get youContinue reading “Is It Time To Rethink Industry Awards?”

How To Design For Better Outcomes

Our job is to the mind the gap between the bureaucracy of our systems and the opportunities in our communities – Cormac Russell Sometimes it’s preferable to pull the plug on a service before you see it collapse in front of your eyes. A recent report says we are trapped in a reactive spending cycle on publicContinue reading “How To Design For Better Outcomes”

Designing Out Problems Through Networks

On Monday I attempted my swiftest ever return to work after a trip. My plane from Zanzibar via Kilimanjaro and Doha landed at 6am. I was home by 8:30am, online by 9 and in work by 11.30am. I felt like The Man Who Fell To Earth. I’d had 16 days without any problems. Now – theyContinue reading “Designing Out Problems Through Networks”

What if Uber did health, housing and social care?

If you’ve been to a conference in the past 12 months – you’ll almost certainly have seen the slide above, or a version of it. Mentioning “disruptive innovation” adds a sprinkle of sophistication to otherwise ordinary presentations. It’s a sit up and take notice slide that says: ‘Better listen, or you could be history.” However –Continue reading “What if Uber did health, housing and social care?”

We need more people solving problems – not professionals.

Everyone has a story to tell, everyone has strengths beneath the conceptions that you have of them. But if you’re curious enough, you may just find that the answers you’ve always been looking for are there, often right beside you. – William Lilley Everywhere you look at the beginning of 2015 you will see a crisis.Continue reading “We need more people solving problems – not professionals.”

Do We Need A Manifesto for Social Change?

A really odd thing happened to me recently. I agreed with something George Osborne was saying. OK. I was on holiday and had experienced a bit too much sun. Probably a bit too much alcohol as well. But something he said resonated with me. Osborne had stated Europe was falling behind the continents in theContinue reading “Do We Need A Manifesto for Social Change?”

Top Tips for Meetings: No.1 – Don’t Have Them….

About 18 months ago I visited a multinational company specialising in networking equipment. There I sat , marvelling at some of the most state of the art communications systems on the planet: HD Video seamlessly linking multiple sites , one in a different country. Phones with tablets attached to them enabling employees to collaborate and problem solveContinue reading “Top Tips for Meetings: No.1 – Don’t Have Them….”