Does Benchmarking Really Save Companies From Failure?

Even in the very best organisations, bad practice is waiting just around the corner. In 2014 General Motors began the recall of the Chevrolet Cobalt which would ultimately affect nearly 30 million cars worldwide. The problem was with the ignition switch which could shut off the car while it was being driven, disabling power steering, powerContinue reading “Does Benchmarking Really Save Companies From Failure?”

Do We Need A Manifesto for Social Change?

A really odd thing happened to me recently. I agreed with something George Osborne was saying. OK. I was on holiday and had experienced a bit too much sun. Probably a bit too much alcohol as well. But something he said resonated with me. Osborne had stated Europe was falling behind the continents in theContinue reading “Do We Need A Manifesto for Social Change?”

3 Things We Should Learn From Benefits Street

Apart from the unfortunate title, Benefits Street is pretty good. Having seen the first two episodes I genuinely can’t understand what the fuss is about. It’s a great piece of commercial television (think – My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding) that’s designed to shock. And , boy , have we fallen for it. Primetime TV + BenefitsContinue reading “3 Things We Should Learn From Benefits Street”

Why Living In Paradise Is Bad For Business

Here is a story about what can happen when you don’t anticipate change. When you get used to things being easy for everyone. It’s a story you will have heard before but, like all the best tales , is as relevant today as when it was first told: There was once a lucky little birdContinue reading “Why Living In Paradise Is Bad For Business”