How Not To Involve Customers

In 1985 one of the biggest brands in the world nearly destroyed itself – by listening to what customers said. Coca-Cola developed a product dubbed “New Coke” that was slightly sweeter than the original. Almost 200,000 blind taste tests were conducted and most participants said that they favoured New Coke over both the original formulaContinue reading “How Not To Involve Customers”

Why We Solve The Wrong Problems

Everywhere I look I see organisations and people investing heavily in new initiatives, transformation, and change programmes.  And in almost every case the goals will never be met. One of the most crucial causes of the failure? The right questions were never asked at the outset. We default to ideas and plans. Too many of whichContinue reading “Why We Solve The Wrong Problems”

Using Weak Signals To Determine Your Future Organisation

“Weak signals consist of emergent changes to technology, culture, markets, the economy, consumer tastes and behaviour, and demographics.  Weak signals are hard to evaluate because they are incomplete, unsettled and unclear” – Vijay Govindarajan. Luckily for us the future doesn’t arrive in an instant – but unfolds seconds at a time. Despite our organisational 2025Continue reading “Using Weak Signals To Determine Your Future Organisation”

12 Months of Failure: Lessons Learned in Year One of Bromford Lab

Guest post by Tom Hartland One year ago the Bromford Lab was established as a way of accelerating new ideas, driving innovation in the business and building our external networks. ‘Failing fast’ was a founding principle, any idea was a good idea and our 12 week window to complete work was the target to aimContinue reading “12 Months of Failure: Lessons Learned in Year One of Bromford Lab”