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5 Surprising Customer Service Experiences ( and what they tell us )

If you put “Customer Relationship” into Google you will most likely get a diagram like this. Which doesn’t look like any relationship I’ve ever had. Another January, more High Street woe , more stories of how customer service is declining. My belief ? Service is actually improving in the UK. But far too slowly compared ...


Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..

There are two opinions that are definite no-go zones amongst the liberal left twitterati. Opinions that , if you were to express them openly , could see you banished to the most remote, uninhabited and hostile parts of the social media planet.(Linkedin…..or even worse, Google+) What are they? 1 – Saying you think the NHS ...


The UK doesn’t trust young people – New Blog

When I was on holiday I sent the following  couple of tweets: “Talking guy from neighbouring maharashtra. Trad fishing family now working in #mobile. State is as populous as Mexico and India’s richest”  “Massive number of #geny and enterprising – doing 2,3,4 different jobs. We better stop doom and gloom in UK or these guys will eat us ...