How Technology Can Increase Collaboration And Build Trust

This post is an shortened version of a plenary talk delivered in Cardiff for the Wales Audit Office  Depending on your age it’s likely that the two things you were not taught in school were: a) how to collaborate effectively and b) how to use technology to connect and share with others And yet theseContinue reading “How Technology Can Increase Collaboration And Build Trust”

Does Regulation Really Stifle Innovation?

Last week I did a presentation to a group of managers when the issue of governance and regulation ‘getting in the way’ of innovation came up. People often think regulations stifle innovation, new business and services. They assume that regulators are there to control and curtail what they want to do. “We are so heavilyContinue reading “Does Regulation Really Stifle Innovation?”

What Digital Transformation Is Not About

#WAODigital18 I’m hearing a lot about testing multiple small things and spreading what works – rather than investing in single Big Bang solutions. The world is moving too fast… — Chris Bolton (@whatsthepont) June 14, 2018 “How ambitious can organisations be in using digital technology?” was the theme of two recent events I contributed toContinue reading “What Digital Transformation Is Not About”

Making a Deal: Unlocking Potential In Communities

 There is no power greater than a community discovering what it cares about.  Ask “What’s possible?” not “What’s wrong?”  Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. Margaret J Wheatley One of the many challenges for the public sector is that it must start believing in people and communities again. If you take theContinue reading “Making a Deal: Unlocking Potential In Communities”