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The Big Tech Trends For 2016 (and why you shouldn’t believe them)

  In late 2010 my personal assistant Sarah-Jane conducted an experiment on me – without my permission or knowledge. Unknown to me at the time she took my effusive notes from a couple of “Future Service” conferences and sealed them as a private entry in my diary to be opened in 5 years time. I ...


Holiday in Cambodia: 13 Innovations in Pictures

In 1975 Cambodia attempted the most radical reinvention of society and community in history. This was ‘Year Zero’ – a beginning of a new era where people would return to a mythic past. Self sufficiency and collectivism were promoted, technology and creativity mistrusted. City dwellers, professionals and intellectuals returned to toil the land alongside peasants. About 1.7 ...


The 2011 Top 10 Social Media Moments @bromfordgroup – My Pick

2011 has a been a pivotal year for the customers and colleagues of Bromford Group. They have embraced social media and used it in new ways to communicate about their work , lives , interests and idea’s. Here’s my personal Top Ten: 1 – Losing the Fear Factor. Deciding to allow all colleagues unlimited access ...