The 2011 Top 10 Social Media Moments @bromfordgroup – My Pick

2011 has a been a pivotal year for the customers and colleagues of Bromford Group. They have embraced social media and used it in new ways to communicate about their work , lives , interests and idea’s.

Here’s my personal Top Ten:

1 – Losing the Fear Factor. Deciding to allow all colleagues unlimited access to Twitter and Facebook was a watershed moment in creating social media freedom in the workplace

2 – Engaging in New Ways. Our Customer Influence Group took transparency to new levels by opening up meetings to social media – blending the physical world with online debates in real time

3 – Leading from the Top. Having social media as a valued form of communication is a leadership behaviour. So getting our CEO to encourage colleagues to get online was a key moment. Join him on Twitter @mickkent2

4 – Getting Down With The Kids. Cirencester based young peoples initiative – The Ozone – developed their own website and Facebook page – and have done such a great job attracting people to activities, advice , education and employment opportunities

5 – Getting better at Communications. Using Yammer as our internal social network has allowed people who have never tried social media to dip a toe into warm and friendly waters. But it has also developed an easy way for colleagues to get to know each other.  And keep in touch with what Leaders are working on

6 – Giving people an opportunity. Burntwood Job Club has used social media to attract 100 members – getting 14 people back into work, 9 people onto volunteer placements and 18 people into training

7 – Social Media Training. Not by using expensive and out of touch consultants , but by using local youth radio station Kic FM to provide our managers and executive with awareness sessions , practical advice and help on setting up social media accounts

8 – Standing Up To Gangs. NO POSTCODES used YouTube to get their anti gangs , guns and knives message to the world. Watch it again. And again.

9 – Sharing experiences. Not every colleague can get an invite to No.10 Downing St. But they can get to be a part of the experience by having it recorded on flip camera’s and shared immediately via social media

10 – Making New Friends. By losing the fear factor we’ve made some great new friends and expanded our network – not just in the Housing sector – but in Web Development, Communications, Social Innovation, Enterprise , Health , not just in the UK but worldwide. From all of us at Bromford – Have a wonderful Christmas and an amazing 2012


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