Why You Shouldn’t Ask Customers What They Want

The customer is always right.  If you involve customers –  you’ll make better decisions.  The only problem with statements like these is that they don’t seem to account for all those occasions when the customer wasn’t right. They don’t explain the fact that, despite high degrees of customer involvement and extensive market research, between 70-90%Continue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Ask Customers What They Want”

How Not To Involve Customers

In 1985 one of the biggest brands in the world nearly destroyed itself – by listening to what customers said. Coca-Cola developed a product dubbed “New Coke” that was slightly sweeter than the original. Almost 200,000 blind taste tests were conducted and most participants said that they favoured New Coke over both the original formulaContinue reading “How Not To Involve Customers”

Most Services Launched This Year Will Fail – Here’s Why

According to Clayton Christensen , 30,000 new consumer products are launched every year—and 95% of them fail. There’s no equivalent figure available for the public or social sectors – but I’ve been wondering how many services have been launched in 2016 and how many will have met their objectives by next Christmas. In the socialContinue reading “Most Services Launched This Year Will Fail – Here’s Why”