Standing Out and Keeping Attention in the Digital Age

24hrs before Donald Trump – who communicates almost exclusively via Twitter and YouTube – became President Elect I was in conversation with Grant Leboff at the first Comms Hero event in Cardiff. “He’ll win” said Grant. “He’s changed the narrative. He had the balls to take a position and make an emotional connection with people.”Continue reading “Standing Out and Keeping Attention in the Digital Age”

Six Ways To Kill Email

Every week more and more organisations are waking up to the tyranny of email, and the part it is playing in the impending death of the office. We spend hours each week , up to four years of our lives, shifting low value (or no value) information from one place in our organisation to another.Continue reading “Six Ways To Kill Email”

Throwback: Our Social Journey (So Far….)

Your life story is being told by the digital content you produce  One of the downsides of our digital lifestyle is that we simply can’t retain the information that passes through it. I couldn’t tell you what I tweeted last week, much less a year ago. Digital storage is changing our memories. We don’t need toContinue reading “Throwback: Our Social Journey (So Far….)”

The Great Divide?

Residents of social housing are , pretty much , excluded from access to the internet. If you believe everything you read. Grant Shapps MP once said Social Housing tenants live in a “digital apartheid” Martha Lane Fox has said that “Almost half” of the UK’s adult population who do not use the internet live in socialContinue reading “The Great Divide?”