Can I Borrow A Cup Of Wi-Fi?

I’m on holiday. I’m flicking through Twitter and sipping a beer in a village bar. Outside, some Thai kids are playing a game on the smartphone they’ve borrowed from their Mum. Locals pop in every so often to sit down , catch up on gossip and read their emails. What’s wrong with this picture? Here … Continue reading Can I Borrow A Cup Of Wi-Fi?

The Connected Homeless

“It’s amazing how nice their Smartphones are. Some would actually go without food rather than lose their Smartphone.” This quote is from a manager of a homelessness hostel.  Someone who has observed up close that, for the Connected Generation , staying in touch with their networks isn’t a luxury- it’s a necessity. This isn’t something … Continue reading The Connected Homeless

Digital Myths

How confident are you using the internet? On a scale of 1 to 10. And how confident would you say the average user of social housing is? Last week , I posted about the myth of social housing residents and digital inclusion. How 99% of our new customers said they had the ability to access the … Continue reading Digital Myths

The Great Divide?

Residents of social housing are , pretty much , excluded from access to the internet. If you believe everything you read. Grant Shapps MP once said Social Housing tenants live in a “digital apartheid” Martha Lane Fox has said that “Almost half” of the UK’s adult population who do not use the internet live in social … Continue reading The Great Divide?

Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..

There are two opinions that are definite no-go zones amongst the liberal left twitterati. Opinions that , if you were to express them openly , could see you banished to the most remote, uninhabited and hostile parts of the social media planet.(Linkedin…..or even worse, Google+) What are they? 1 – Saying you think the NHS … Continue reading Two things you can’t say on Twitter…..

A Design For Life – The Customer Deal – New Blog

It’s not often you get the chance to go back to the start. To redesign your customer experience from the beginning of the relationship About a year ago we started talking to customers about their part in our service offer. We had worked with them to develop a new Bromford Offer – based on the experiences of thousands of customers. It had … Continue reading A Design For Life – The Customer Deal – New Blog

Are we ready for the rise of the untethered customer? Blog update #ukhousing

“What is a smartphone anyway?” I was asked by a colleague this week. I broke into a cold sweat. Especially as it was during a meeting about digital inclusion. If this is the kind of question you hear asked often, you need to start worrying. Now. I love working in housing. Genuinely. But whilst we … Continue reading Are we ready for the rise of the untethered customer? Blog update #ukhousing

Bridging The Digital Divide – Blog Update. #digitalbritain

Met with BT and Citizens Online yesterday as part of our project to get 100% of our communities online – and doing business with us online –  by 2016. ( Blogs are brilliant – I just completely made that target up , but its my blog so who says it can’t  be true?) What we want to enable for customers is … Continue reading Bridging The Digital Divide – Blog Update. #digitalbritain

Project E-bromford…….Broadband Pilot

Some great news to start the week. We’ve just heard that we have been chosen along with Newport City Homes to be amongst the first UK trialists in a project to provide housing association customers with low cost internet access. The idea is that BT will provide equipment, installation, support and an internet package. Microsoft … Continue reading Project E-bromford…….Broadband Pilot

Bridging the Digital Divide – Project e-Bromford

I read an article today about “apple babies”. That’s kids under the age of two who automatically try to use a touch screen when handed a phone, conditioned as they are to expect that if something has a screen it should be capable of manipulation. There are clips on YouTube of japanese kids trying frantically … Continue reading Bridging the Digital Divide – Project e-Bromford