How Complexity Kills Trust

Customers trust those who give them control — who put them in control — of their lives. They distrust those who try to control them. – Gerry McGovern Why do you trust the companies, organisations, and institutions you deal with? Chances are it isn’t because they have a customer charter, seek to involve you in their decision making,  orContinue reading “How Complexity Kills Trust”

5 Reasons You Need To Question What Customers Are Telling You

Despite little evidence of impact, each year millions of pounds are spent on market research, focus groups, and ‘coproduction’. The danger of listening to customers is you end up focusing on wants not needs. Often what a customer wants is diametrically opposed to what they need – and want is often more of a powerfulContinue reading “5 Reasons You Need To Question What Customers Are Telling You”

If You’re Still Shying Away From Using Technology To Improve Customer Experience – You’re Doomed

You must relentlessly ask: Is this harder for the customer to do? Relentlessly. Because, today, in an increasing number of areas, if it’s not easy-to-use, it’s dead in the water. – Gerry McGovern Re-entry into the world of work after immersion in a completely different culture is always a disorienting experience. I’ve just returned from a tripContinue reading “If You’re Still Shying Away From Using Technology To Improve Customer Experience – You’re Doomed”

Holiday in Cambodia: 13 Innovations in Pictures

In 1975 Cambodia attempted the most radical reinvention of society and community in history. This was ‘Year Zero’ – a beginning of a new era where people would return to a mythic past. Self sufficiency and collectivism were promoted, technology and creativity mistrusted. City dwellers, professionals and intellectuals returned to toil the land alongside peasants. About 1.7Continue reading “Holiday in Cambodia: 13 Innovations in Pictures”

Why Great Customer Experience Requires Great Design

Note to reader: This post was written on a smartphone over 14 days sitting on a beach. It was completed at an altitude of 35,000 feet after several white wines. I’ve chosen to publish it unedited to retain a tropical , stream of consciousness vibe. Subsequently it’s a bit more disjointed and a lot longerContinue reading “Why Great Customer Experience Requires Great Design”

Digital by Design: Making the connected organisation more human

I must get at least four or five emails every day offering me help becoming digital by default. Every single one gets deleted. Not because I don’t need help , but because they talk of cost savings and efficiency rather than beautifully intuitive service design or of creating a rewarding customer experience. Don’t believe me?Continue reading “Digital by Design: Making the connected organisation more human”

Don’t Listen To Your Sector: Be More Weird

Had a bit of drama over the past week. I’ll recap it for you as quickly as possible – as most readers of this blog don’t work in the same sector as I do. Essentially Mick Kent, my CEO, wrote a challenging piece setting out why we have embarked upon a different service vision. Bromford are celebrating 50Continue reading “Don’t Listen To Your Sector: Be More Weird”

Your Own Personal Social Media Policy: 10 Top Tips

“Companies often want this one single voice but when you have thousands of employees there’s no way you can have a single voice and be authentic,”  – Professor Joonas Rokka One of the best links I saw last week was about how employees active on social media play a crucial role in corporate brand management.Continue reading “Your Own Personal Social Media Policy: 10 Top Tips”

5 Lessons in Simple Customer Experience (Indonesian Style)

A new report puts Amazon, McDonald’s and First Direct as the leaders in the top ten of the UK’s ‘simplest’ brands. The companies that are the easiest to deal with. Whatever you think of them most of us could learn from their “frictionless” customer service. It’s interesting to ponder how sectors might be transformed ifContinue reading “5 Lessons in Simple Customer Experience (Indonesian Style)”

How To Keep Your Customers Loving Your Brand

Your brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room” – Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon This is one of the most interesting infographics I’ve seen recently. The huge advocacy for Amazon is amazing.  95% of those surveyed say they “Love the Brand”. But TUI – the German travel company that most of usContinue reading “How To Keep Your Customers Loving Your Brand”

HEY , Where are you? – Why your company needs to Google itself

I recently explained to a group of managers why they should google themselves. After the initial “what, me? I’m not famous!” responses,  they see their search results , look intrigued, and then get it – the dangers of a badly curated digital footprint. But although many of us have gotten into the habit of doingContinue reading “HEY , Where are you? – Why your company needs to Google itself”

Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?

“We are a live, work, play company. When we first started using Twitter, it was a way we could stay connected while also helping our customers if they needed it.” This quote comes in an article I shared about Zappos , the online shoe and clothing store. It says a lot to me about customer engagement.Continue reading “Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?”

Disrupt your Industry. Or be Disrupted.

A customer called us recently. His call was answered really quickly. A repair was needed to his home. His problem was diagnosed with just a couple of questions. He was given a time and date for the repair. He was told it would be in two weeks time  – a part was needed that wasn’t in stock.Continue reading “Disrupt your Industry. Or be Disrupted.”

Bridging the Digital Divide – Project e-Bromford

I read an article today about “apple babies”. That’s kids under the age of two who automatically try to use a touch screen when handed a phone, conditioned as they are to expect that if something has a screen it should be capable of manipulation. There are clips on YouTube of japanese kids trying franticallyContinue reading “Bridging the Digital Divide – Project e-Bromford”