Why Your Social Media Should Follow The Customer – Not Your Opening Hours

Can you imagine launching a business in 2013 whose opening hours are Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.00am to 5.00pm? I’d love to see THAT pitch on Dragons Den. It would be insane. I can’t think of any successful business model still in existence that operates in this way. In the years following theContinue reading “Why Your Social Media Should Follow The Customer – Not Your Opening Hours”

2013 – Do we need a new operating system?

My first post of 2013 has been slightly delayed due to holiday. I love holidays. Not because they get me away from work but because it’s where I can put work into focus.  The further away I get from Bromford and the UK the greater clarity I get on the things that need to change. It’sContinue reading “2013 – Do we need a new operating system?”

The Rules of Attraction

I was asked a question the other day: “No-one is engaging with our Facebook discussion. Will you have a look at it and tell us what you think?” I turned the question back on them. “If it was you. And you were the customer. Would you have joined in?” After a few seconds deliberation –Continue reading “The Rules of Attraction”

12 Weeks To Change Your Online Life (or hand your iPad back…)

I’ve had a breakthrough that I want to share. Last Week  I threw down a special challenge to some of our Board Members and Customer Stakeholders who we had struggled to get engaged in Online collaboration and Social Media. 3 Rules I’ll loan you an iPad for 12 Weeks. If it doesn’t change your lifeContinue reading “12 Weeks To Change Your Online Life (or hand your iPad back…)”

The Amazon Test – #CustomerExperience Blog Post

I ordered a Kindle Touch yesterday – expecting a delay as you usually get with new product launches. It was ordered online at 15.38pm. 1-Click. It arrived at my door at 7:35am this morning. It arrives charged. It knows my name. By 7:45am it is up and running and has my entire library on it.Continue reading “The Amazon Test – #CustomerExperience Blog Post”

Relationships that work – Customer Deal Blog

One of our main aims is to have customers who would recommend us to their friends. We put this in place over 7 years ago – as a big unifying key performance indicator aimed at getting the whole organisation behind delivering great customer experiences. But this can’t be delivered on our own. Relationships are aContinue reading “Relationships that work – Customer Deal Blog”