The Amazon Test – #CustomerExperience Blog Post

The Kindle Touch

I ordered a Kindle Touch yesterday – expecting a delay as you usually get with new product launches.

It was ordered online at 15.38pm.


It arrived at my door at 7:35am this morning.

It arrives charged.

It knows my name.

By 7:45am it is up and running and has my entire library on it.

When you go into work on Monday morning – use that as a benchmark against any of your interactions with your customers.

Speak to a customer and ask them how it was when they last ordered something from you.

How easy was it.? How quickly was it dealt with? Did it exceed expectations?

I’m pretty much certain we will all fail The Amazon Test


2 thoughts on “The Amazon Test – #CustomerExperience Blog Post

  1. Exceptional service is a fine achievement in its own right, but of even greater value is the fact that it sets a standard by which others will be judged. I recently switched my broadband supplier to Plusnet, and was as impressed as Paul by the speed and efficiency of their service, right down to the one technical query that I raised over the telephone. My call was answered by a real Yorkshireman, who solved my problem on the spot, without need to transfer me elsewhere !
    Of course, the better your Customer Service becomes, the harder it becomes to find ways of improving it, but if it was easy ,everybody would be doing it. When a Customer tells you ” I knew you were good , but I wasn’t expecting that! ” , you know that you are still doing the right things.
    Enjoy your new Kindle, Paul, I bet you can’t wait to find out whether it really does still work in bright sunlight, as advertised !!

    1. Thanks Mike – you are spot on about “I wasn’t expecting that”.

      A Bromford colleague recently posted on Yammer about her autistic nephew who is obsessed with buses. For his birthday they wrote to the company to ask for a picture. Instead the company drove the bus to his home , and changed the display to ‘Happy Birthday’. They let him sit in the drivers seat and have arranged for his name to be put over the door. He was delighted

      Cost them very little but I bet that story gets told a few times

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