a short post about death

Even during the most pivotal moments of our lives we are only a few minutes away from being digitally distracted. Twelve to be precise. We check our phones for new messages every 12 minutes.  Four weeks ago today we were just arriving in Ubud, Bali on day six of a planned 3 week trip. Within … Continue reading a short post about death

The No.1 Problem With The Digital Workplace

“Collaboration is an essential skill of the digital economy. And yet how to collaborate productively is hardly ever taught either in universities or in the workplace.” – Gerry McGovern It’s only a couple of months since I posted Why We Don’t Collaborate, but a few things I’ve been reading and observing make it a subject … Continue reading The No.1 Problem With The Digital Workplace

The Case Against Digital Transformation

Something that’s being sold to you as more convenient may well be a lost social interaction that you’ll never get back – Ben Holliday, Convenience Isn’t Digital Last week a friend of ours told me a story about trying to get some support for his partner who was ill. He was stuck in an impasse between the … Continue reading The Case Against Digital Transformation

Redefining Trust In A Digital Age

Trust is not coming back. Scepticism reigns, as it should. – Gerry McGovern Since the industrial revolution,  a trusting relationship between individuals and organisations has been the norm. This has shaped the way we communicate – both internally and externally. It has resulted in the issuing of corporate annual reports, press releases , customer satisfaction scores … Continue reading Redefining Trust In A Digital Age

The Rules of Digital Transformation

In five years time we’ll look back and realise we had it wrong about digital. Digital transformation was never about digital, and rarely about transformation. It’s actually about the processes by which you change your business model or approach. Some of which will have digital elements. The problem I have with digital cheerleading is two fold: … Continue reading The Rules of Digital Transformation

Get Social, Embrace Disruption: Serving the Connected Customer

I’m thinking it’s about 6 minutes to midnight on the Digital Doomsday Clock. Time is running out on the organisations who are yet to board the bus. Yet to start the journey to being different businesses serving changed customers on a multiplicity of screens. 1 in 4 Executives from around the world believe the time … Continue reading Get Social, Embrace Disruption: Serving the Connected Customer

5 Social Media Policies That You Can Love

I posted last week about How Your Social Media Policy Could Kill Your Culture. It was about the “control creep” that’s affecting some organisations as they try to protect themselves from a social media firestorm. In this post I want to look at a few organisations whose policies and guidance acknowledge the risks but see … Continue reading 5 Social Media Policies That You Can Love