Is It Time To Rethink Industry Awards?

Award schemes have become a form of media. They exist to generate income for an organisation through a combination of entry fees and overpriced chicken dinners – Stephen Waddington It can sometimes feel like there is an industry awards ceremony for every night of the week. A Google search for ‘housing awards’ will get youContinue reading “Is It Time To Rethink Industry Awards?”

If We Don’t Develop Different Relationships, We’ll Lose Our Legitimacy

If we do not respond to people and communities’ desire for power, we will lose our legitimacy and waste the potential of the many ways they can have agency over what matters to them. If we do not continually, bravely work to build trust, we will lose the essential foundation for everything we do. – CivilContinue reading “If We Don’t Develop Different Relationships, We’ll Lose Our Legitimacy”

What Digital Transformation Is Not About

#WAODigital18 I’m hearing a lot about testing multiple small things and spreading what works – rather than investing in single Big Bang solutions. The world is moving too fast… — Chris Bolton (@whatsthepont) June 14, 2018 “How ambitious can organisations be in using digital technology?” was the theme of two recent events I contributed toContinue reading “What Digital Transformation Is Not About”

My Five Most Popular Posts of 2014

It’s the time of year to reflect on the past 12 months and consider where next – personally and professionally.  To that we also need to add our online profiles and give consideration to how we spend our digital time. The temptation with social is to spread yourself across every available platform – and IContinue reading “My Five Most Popular Posts of 2014”

A Revolution in Care Requires a Revolution in Thinking

It would appear that a revolution is required in our thinking of older people as a ‘demographic time bomb’, ‘burden’, ‘bed blockers’ and an economic liability all of which engender ageist attitudes. We’ need to recognise the contribution of older people in the workplace, supporting families, friends, neighbours and society. We also need to radicallyContinue reading “A Revolution in Care Requires a Revolution in Thinking”

The Top 50 Digital #PowerPlayers14 in #ukhousing

  You want to get to the list don’t you?  Hold on. It’s coming.   Before you look at the Top 50 influencers please read this guest post from Shirley Ayres who kindly agreed to collaborate with me on #powerplayers14. For me…it sums up perfectly what it’s all about…. When the first Power Players 50 list wasContinue reading “The Top 50 Digital #PowerPlayers14 in #ukhousing”

Social conversations: time to move beyond broadcasting

Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human – Aristotle That’s the intellectual stuff out of the way. Let’s talk about Instagram and social conversations. People sharing their passions and interests is what social is all about forContinue reading “Social conversations: time to move beyond broadcasting”

Top 50 Power Players In #UKHousing 2014 – Your Vote Counts….

A year ago I published The Top 50 Power Players In Housing [Klout Edition] – featuring people working in and around the sector. The idea came to me as I was sipping rum at a beach bar in Jamaica, checking my Klout score and wondering why I hadn’t made the main list in 24 HousingContinue reading “Top 50 Power Players In #UKHousing 2014 – Your Vote Counts….”

The Value of Critical Friends – Guest Post from @ShirleyAyres

Only 17% of companies identify their social and digital strategy as “mature” – Brian Solis , The State of Social Business This is a guest post from a Super Connector. Shirley Ayres is one of those people who have taken advantage of digital to develop a new way of working – uniting like minded peopleContinue reading “The Value of Critical Friends – Guest Post from @ShirleyAyres”

Top Tips for Meetings: No.1 – Don’t Have Them….

About 18 months ago I visited a multinational company specialising in networking equipment. There I sat , marvelling at some of the most state of the art communications systems on the planet: HD Video seamlessly linking multiple sites , one in a different country. Phones with tablets attached to them enabling employees to collaborate and problem solveContinue reading “Top Tips for Meetings: No.1 – Don’t Have Them….”

Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?

“We are a live, work, play company. When we first started using Twitter, it was a way we could stay connected while also helping our customers if they needed it.” This quote comes in an article I shared about Zappos , the online shoe and clothing store. It says a lot to me about customer engagement.Continue reading “Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?”