What Sky could learn from Amazon

Working at home today. Not that I wanted to – but I finally got an engineer out after two weeks of complaining to Sky about a regular drop out with my broadband. The people I’ve dealt with at Sky have been pretty much great and really helpful. Apart from the self test diagnostics they get you to do at the beginning of every call. I’m now happily conversant with what a micro-filter is – how to find a test socket for your broadband – and every single inch of a router.

But despite the people on the customer service team being friendly and willing to help – theres a major problem. Nothing happens next.

The experience has been the total opposite of dealing with Amazon.

My Kindle broke on holiday. One self test via the web and I was promised a call back which came 3 minutes later. First thing they said was ” I hope the experience hasn’t affected your holiday – lets make the priority getting a new one to you and we will sort out the other stuff later.”  And 18 hours later I had a new Kindle.

Now I know its a lot easier to get a new Kindle out to you than fix a broadband problem. But seamless service is common sense and the things Sky could learn from Amazon here are:

Don’t shift ownership onto the customer to fix the problem – take ownership and sort it. 

Don’t let them chase you.

Prevent the customer from keep calling you by getting it right first time.

And after 14 days and 10 phone calls – I have broadband…..

Author: Paul Taylor

I’m a facilitator, innovator and designer. I work with organisations to identify problems and solve them in ways that combine creativity with practical implementation. I established Bromford Lab as a new way for the organisation to embrace challenge and adopt a ‘fast fail’ approach to open innovation. Nearly everything the Lab works on is openly accessible at www.bromfordlab.com. I'm a regular contributor to forums , think-tanks , and research reports and a speaker or advisor at conferences and events.

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