Can you ever get 90% of people to recommend how you deal with ASB? Neighbourhood Priorities August 2011



How are we performing right now?

At present, 89.2% customers would recommend their neighbourhood as a place to live.

The safety/appearance of a neighbourhood has dropped from to 8.6 out of 10 to 7.6. Vicky Green advised that this is due to a change in the scoring system we use, going from an 11 point scale to a 10. The comments do not appear to be any more negative.

It was questioned whether the Anti Social Behaviour advocacy target of 90% to recommend us by 2016 was too high. Overall the Group felt that as it is a negative and emotive situation/experience for any one to be in it is more difficult to achieve high recommendation. It is a high target but one that we should aspire to.

 Progress against projects and plans:

Tenant Cashback Pilot

 Darrin gave the Group an update on the pilot and confirmed that Bromford is definitely taking part and that it will be launching in October. It will be aimed at around 200 customers in 3-4 areas offering a cash back of £300 for those customers that do their own repairs (there will be guidelines on what can and can’t be done) for a year and an extra £200 for those that do not use the Housing Management service, dealing with low level issues themselves. Darrin advised that the initial plans were to give the money upfront to make sure that customers have the funds to do the repairs. The Group had concerns about offering money upfront and felt that quarterly payments would be better.

Neighbourhood Pilot

 The Pilot is now nearing an end and the final survey has gone out to customers to compare how customers are feeling now to how they were before the pilot. The closing date is 8th August but already more feedback has been received than before. The Group really like this pilot as do Housing Managers who feel that it has improved communication with their customers.

Housing Manager Inspection

 Darrin shared the CIA Housing Management Inspection action plan. The Group really liked the format and felt that good progress was being made. The Group will monitor this action plan from now on.

Affordable Rent and Bromford Deal

Darrin provided an update on the customer Deal and advised that the Board felt it was too punitive on its own so it will now be combined with our Offer making the ‘Bromford Deal’. This is going to be launched in October with a view that all customers will be signed up by April 2012. It is acknowledged that the Deal will only be enforceable for new customers but it is hoped that it will give existing customers more responsibility.

Once this and the Affordable Rents are in full flow, this Group will monitor how many fixed term rents are not renewed because customers have not met the Bromford Deal.


One thought on “Can you ever get 90% of people to recommend how you deal with ASB? Neighbourhood Priorities August 2011

  1. A really good read Paul. Particularly the Bromford Deal stuff. Fascinated to learn more about the blog and what sort of interest/comments it generates. John

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