We can laugh at the end of the Burger King but also need to look at ourselves…

Dumped – The Burger "King"

Burger King have dumped their mascot of seven years after sluggish sales and a huge drop in customer affinity to the brand.  Many of us are wondering why it took them that long to realise that people found the “King” a bit off-putting to say the least.

A grown man in a bizarre plastic mask who is shown in adverts stalking young women or peering through windows at children. Never did sound a winner did it?

But it made me think about the image we project in our own communications. Housing Associations and other businesses with social objectives have often struggled to present an engaging image to customers.

Take our annual customer report last year.  Featuring cover images of customers with grossly magnified eye-balls, smashed up abandoned vehicles on estates, and plenty of images of vulnerable people gratefully receiving service – it bombed.

One resident even claimed it had given her nightmares!

Fed up of glossy and expensive magazines filled with a lot of jargon we listened to customers and drastically changed our approach.

You can head on over to http://www.bromfordgroup.co.uk to see how we are trying to change. A word count of only 10% of previous reports, no smiling pictures of happy customers and info-graphics with a noticeable change in our language.

And unless people specifically request it they will get no more print.

We are not there yet by a long way but its a start. And at least it didn’t take us 7 years before we changed anything….


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