Customer Influence Blog Update – An #openbusiness

For me – an open business is one which conducts itself transparently and isn’t afraid to share what its senior leaders are thinking with its customers and its colleagues.

The best idea’s and answers rarely come from executives but usually from listening to those closest to the product and closest to customers.

Here is a copy of the outcomes of a meeting we had last week in which some of our customer stakeholders discuss our latest performance with senior management. They also discuss our new customer deal and a couple of other idea’s we are looking at.  

You can have a look at the twitter transcript by reading my previous blog post.

 The minutes of the meeting are here……       CIG Minutes 7th Sept 2011

Author: Paul Taylor

I’m a facilitator, innovator and designer. I work with organisations to identify problems and solve them in ways that combine creativity with practical implementation. I established Bromford Lab as a new way for the organisation to embrace challenge and adopt a ‘fast fail’ approach to open innovation. Nearly everything the Lab works on is openly accessible at I'm a regular contributor to forums , think-tanks , and research reports and a speaker or advisor at conferences and events.

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