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What would happen if your access to a product depended on you doing something good for society?

That you had agree to give something back. Would you agree? Would you walk away? Or would you lie?

Well that’s what we are testing as part of the new deal.

All customers will be asked what skills they have to share with their neighbours. And if they don’t feel they have any we will work with them to get them some.

This will involve a referral process – either to a community skills bank , a local Voluntary Service , or in the case of someone seeking work,  to a Skills Advisor.

This should have at least one of three outcomes:

  • We untap skills and opportunities that the neighbourhood might need
  • We support the struggling Voluntary Sector in a time of cuts that threaten their very existence
  • We put someone on the path to employment

I’ll be blogging the experiences of the first customers who go through this – and I’d be interested in hearing any thoughts!


2 thoughts on “Building Social Good – Customer Deal Blog

  1. Well the interesting thing is no-one has rejected the idea. In fact the majority of people have positively welcomed it. Whether they actually take it up is what we are testing at the moment….will be updating shortly

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