Future Service: Everything is Connected to Everything

This is a future blog.

It’s from Jack, a tenant.

He wrote it in August 2017 and sent it to us to give a glimpse of how our services have changed. In a world where everything is connected to everything.

He says all of the following is possible.

“I moved into the flat a year ago and I never spoke to anyone or filled anything in.

I gave them access to my personal data pod – everyone wants my data but I only allow trusted people in.

It works better that way.We used to have to fill things in and nothing ever happened. Just questions and more and more questions – but they got everything they needed from the pod so I got the key to my home.

Well not a key actually – the doors work by waving my phone at them and all the information about the flat is in the phone and it tells me stuff about the community – and I can deal with the council and the doctors and pretty much everyone else actually – and it follows me wherever I am.

At first I had a housing manager , Susan, but since I have been getting on ok on my own I don’t need to deal with expensive people so I chose to have an avatar called Susan. She is just like a real one except she works all the time is never sick and has no holidays.

I’ve not really used the repairs service though my boiler is saying that it’s asked someone to come and look at it.

Actually thinking about it – I did use the repairs – I ordered a new window handle downloaded it on to my 3D printer and assembled it.

I’m not good at DIY but I put my augmented reality glasses on and it showed me what I needed to do, I followed the instructions in my eyes and the landlord credited my account as it saved them cash.

I’m moving soon as they knew my girlfriend was spending a lot of time here from her check-ins on the indoor GPS so they suggested that we move closer to where she works.

I picked a new tenancy type and house from the e-store and we are moving soon.

Susan (the fake one not the real one) sorted the removals and insurance and my bills and its all so really easy as everything is connected to everything.”

This blog is the first in a series looking at future service and is inspired by the book Smart Customers Stupid Companies

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