• Are We Really Becoming More Distracted At Work?

    Rather than blame technology we should accept that we over-value noise and activity, and under-value silence and contemplation.

  • The Convoluted Mess of The Hybrid Workplace

    What if hybrid ends up being a mix of the worst of both worlds?

  • The Great Resignation and The Relentless Rise of Work About Work

    We really need to start treating people’s time as being more valuable than the organisation’s money. Mark McArthur-Christie In 2012 a civil servant in the German town of Menden wrote a farewell message to his colleagues on the day of his retirement stating that he had not done anything for 14 years. “Since 1998,” he…

  • Remote Work Is Always Efficient But Efficient Isn’t Always Effective

    There is surely nothing quite so useless as doing with great efficiency what should not be done at all. Peter Drucker This week marked my return to in-person facilitation after 16 months. I’m not going to lie. As I began the week with a 5:30am start and a 90 minute commute, I was hardly overjoyed…

  • Innovating Against All Odds: The Endlessly Adaptable Future of Work

    Received wisdom isn’t what it used to be. The future will be made up of shades of grey where few things are certain and the best you can do to prepare is to be endlessly adaptable.

  • The Return To The Office Has Begun. What Next?

    39% would consider quitting if their employers weren’t flexible about remote work. What happens next now more and more bosses are demanding a return to the office?

  • The Productivity Paradox and Zoom Fatigue: Why Technology Won’t Solve Our Problems

    “Imagine in the physical workplace, for the entirety of an 8-hr workday, an assistant followed you around with a handheld mirror, and for every single task you did and every conversation you had, they made sure you could see your own face in that mirror” Jeremy N. Bailenson –Nonverbal Overload: A Theoretical Argument for the…

  • Where Did Our Commute Time Go?

    The jury is still out on whether the pandemic has ushered in a new era of remote work but either way a lot of workers have saved a lot of time this year. So you’d think we’d have put it to good use. Have we?

  • Why Are Remote Workers Facing Burnout?

    Employee fatigue and burnout was a wellbeing concern for many employers before the pandemic, but eight months in, the problem seems to have been exacerbated by granting people the very thing they coveted the most: unlimited flexibility. Are we experiencing the unintended consequences of working remotely?

  • Why Do So Many People Want Us Back In The Office?

    After the sudden and miraculous shift to remote work – the office fightback has well and truly begun.

  • Can Remote Work Usher in a New Era of Creativity?

    Distributed working requires a whole system change. It requires trusting people, it requires removing unnecessary management, and it requires a seismic shift in how we collaborate with others.

  • Nirvana or Business As Usual? Navigating The New Future Of Work

    This isn’t a binary choice between the office and remote work. Instead we must consider what work used to be, what it is now and what it could be in the future.

  • In A Post-COVID World The Manager Is The Weak Link

    In an increasingly remote and distributed world of work the employees who will have the biggest impact on the most people will rarely be the official leaders at the top.

  • Death By Zoom: Have We Failed The Mass Home Working Experiment?

    One of the few positives of the pandemic lockdown was the opportunity to reset the way in which we spend our working day. This was the chance to prove that remote work actually works. As someone whose job it is to run workplace experiments I’d say six or seven weeks is a very good point…

  • Did A Virus Just Bring About The End Of The Office?

    Remote work has accelerated 10 years in 10 days. The only thing that could pull people back to the office is the ego of the bad middle manager scared of losing control – Chris Herd The revolution in remote working , when it came, was peaceful. Orderly even. There was no fightback from technophobe hold-outs…

  • Why Do We Hate Our Offices?

    If you are working in an office today you will be interrupted – or you will interrupt yourself – every 3 minutes. And what’s worse is it will take most of us up to 23 minutes to recover from that distraction. If your boss lets you, go home. Walking out the office door is likely to be…

  • What If We Replaced All Our Managers With Robots? 

    Most of what we call management consists of making it difficult for people to get their work done Peter Drucker Management is the greatest inefficiency in any organisation. Many of you will be familiar with the work of Gary Hamel , but his explanation of how management ‘spreads’ is always helpful. Typically a small organisation might start off…

  • Is It Time To Get Rid Of The Job Title?

    Deleted my Tesla titles last week to see what would happen. I’m now the Nothing of Tesla. Seems fine so far. — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) October 29, 2018 Last week Elon Musk dropped all job titles associated with Tesla referring to himself as CEO of nothing. Although he soon discovered that some jobs are legally required…

  • Continuous Partial Attention: Designing A Less Distracted Future Of Work

    Calm, focused, undistracted, the linear mind is being pushed aside by a new kind of mind that wants and needs to take in and dole out information in short, disjointed, often overlapping bursts—the faster, the better – Nicholas Carr , The Shallows You’d have thought we’d have given up on the physical office by now.…

  • How The 9-5 Saps Our Creativity and Harms Our Productivity

    From ten to eleven, have breakfast for seven; From eleven to noon, think you’ve come too soon; From twelve to one, think what’s to be done; From one to two, find nothing to do; From two to three, think it will be; A very great bore to stay till four. – A Day At The…

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