COVID Accelerates Everything: Including Change Fatigue

How can our organisations cope with a coming tsunami of burnt out workers? The signs are all there that the transition to hybrid/remote working is not as painless as the Zoom and Teams enthusiasts are making out.

How Can We Move Towards A Better Normal?

We are living through an era of intense turbulence and disillusionment. Even before COVID-19 we were faced with circumstances which the scholar and critic Ziauddin Sardar has described as uncertain, rapidly changing and chaotic.   He describes this as a period where the old orthodoxies are dying, but new ones have yet to be born, andContinue reading “How Can We Move Towards A Better Normal?”

How To Resist Corporate Hoarding

Many companies are still using software built or purchased from a time when Blockbuster were fining us for late returned videos. Most of the companies we admire for their innovation , your Amazons, your Netflixes or your Apples have no such legacy ways of working holding them back. They either cleared them out years agoContinue reading “How To Resist Corporate Hoarding”

People Aren’t Sick Of Change. They’re Just Sick Of Change Programmes

I don’t buy into the idea that humans intrinsically hate change. I just think that by the time we’re in our 30s or 40s, lots of our experience of change – particularly in the workplace – has been more negative than positive. Instinctively rejecting it is a learned response – Tom Cheesewright People , weContinue reading “People Aren’t Sick Of Change. They’re Just Sick Of Change Programmes”

Who Really Wins From Digital Transformation?

The birth of the change management movement began in the 1960s and 70s – when big consultancy began to see a vast new market – convincing organisations of the benefits of ‘transformation’. Alongside this came the development of a distinctive, pseudo-scientific language of change which the consultants needed to pitch themselves to new clients. ItContinue reading “Who Really Wins From Digital Transformation?”

What Digital Transformation Is Not About

#WAODigital18 I’m hearing a lot about testing multiple small things and spreading what works – rather than investing in single Big Bang solutions. The world is moving too fast… — Chris Bolton (@whatsthepont) June 14, 2018 “How ambitious can organisations be in using digital technology?” was the theme of two recent events I contributed toContinue reading “What Digital Transformation Is Not About”

Avoiding The Yo-Yo Effect of ‘Corporate Change Convulsions’

Speeches you never hear at a corporate conference: “….. Our Transformation Programme is going to be small and imperfect. We are going to do many small things that probably won’t work straight away.’ – Chris Bolton In the early 1960s, a New York housewife named Jean Nidetch began a weekly meeting with friends at her home toContinue reading “Avoiding The Yo-Yo Effect of ‘Corporate Change Convulsions’”

Why Transformation Fails – And How To Avoid It

The concept that 70% of change and transformation programmes fail emerged in the mid 1990’s. There’s actually little evidence that this is true. The 70% figure seems to have emerged because of a lack of clarity about what success looks like – and that most people have a bad experience of them. My contention isContinue reading “Why Transformation Fails – And How To Avoid It”

The Rules of Digital Transformation

In five years time we’ll look back and realise we had it wrong about digital. Digital transformation was never about digital, and rarely about transformation. It’s actually about the processes by which you change your business model or approach. Some of which will have digital elements. The problem I have with digital cheerleading is two fold:Continue reading “The Rules of Digital Transformation”

Digital Transformation is Failing. Why?

“A key reason why true mobile working isn’t being implemented is because of management culture. The case for mobile working has been proven; it is the people who are the biggest barriers.”- 2017 Deloitte Human Capital Trends report The way we work , it seems, is no longer working. What we’ve long suspected – thatContinue reading “Digital Transformation is Failing. Why?”

Embracing Challenge to Build a Stronger Innovation Culture

  Just as your body is designed to fight a common cold, most of our cultures protect the organisational DNA from any antibodies. Add something new and it can get rejected. As Chris Bolton has written organisations can have immune systems and idea antibodies. As Chris says – It’s not personal. It’s just an automatic survival mechanism.Continue reading “Embracing Challenge to Build a Stronger Innovation Culture”

Why Collaboration Does Not Equal Innovation

Transformation can’t happen without discovery and discovery can’t happen without experimentation. It’s a new year and at Bromford we are planning a reboot of our approach to innovation (actually we are planning a reboot of everything). My emerging thoughts are we need less talk of accelerated fast fail innovation and more a systemic and systematicContinue reading “Why Collaboration Does Not Equal Innovation”

Resisting the Rush to Technology for Solutions

Is anyone else getting tired of the talk –  and it is mainly talk – of digital transformation? The endless rounds of conferences, clubs and lists of so-called digital leaders – all promising a tech utopia. At a recent event I observed an audience listlessly staring at their iPhones as a speaker described how digital wasContinue reading “Resisting the Rush to Technology for Solutions”

Stepping Behind The Rhetoric of Digital Transformation

Fundamentally the challenge for current leaders and public sector organisations is the legacy thinking and a business model which is rooted in serving a de facto purpose which is disconnected from the people and places the organisation or leaders serve – Carl Haggerty   Yesterday I chaired an event where the CEO of HACT ,Continue reading “Stepping Behind The Rhetoric of Digital Transformation”