Thoughts from #nhcsocmed…….

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Loved yesterday at the Northern Housing Consortium “Social Media Unconference”.

As one of the presenters it is probably inappropriate that I enthuse too much. But for me it was a much needed firecracker amid the general tedium of UK Housing events. (Bet that’s the last time I get a speaking slot anywhere!)

Why was it? Here’s a few highlights:

1: Use of Yammer – before and after event. Connects participants and attendees before the day – shapes content , introduces new idea’s.

2: Opening wake-up call from @NickAtkin_HHT – “Generation Z will be UK housing customers in 4 years. Are we ready?”. Generally? No. Not at all.

3: Criticise him all you like – but @grantshapps probably has a better handle on 21st Century consumer engagement than the majority of UK Housing professionals – “most tenants will not attend meetings-socialmedia gives landlords a way to engage and save money”. I think you mean “re-invest” money though , eh Grant?

4: ” Opinions are formed at pubs,clubs and bus stops. Social media can help you listen ” said @TeamTHT. Matthew is that rare thing – a CEO who talks about socialmedia as if its a not a new thing to be frightened of. It’s just a natural evolution of the conversations we have been having through the ages.

5: Best quote for me came from @HelReynolds – host of a workshop looking at Return on Investment in Social Media. “this is a terrible workshop , sorry,  – because I don’t believe in ROI in socialmedia”.  Helen – who has that uncanny ability to only speak common sense – did a superb job of rubbishing the calls to evaluate professional time spent online. ” They only want it measured because they don’t understand it”

6: Can Linkedin be interesting? @lizcable made it look that way. I’m following her tip. Switch off all those annoying email updates and spend 30 minutes a week making Linkedin work for you.  She seems to know everything there is to know and pushes out quality content. Follow.

There were loads more I could throw at you. But you can read them by following the thread #nhcsocmed on Twitter

P.S Our SlideShare “Everyone. Everywhere. Publishes” can be accessed here….


5 thoughts on “Thoughts from #nhcsocmed…….

  1. Glad you enjoyed yourself, Paul, that usually means that you felt it was time well spent. – If I may take the liberty of commenting on your opinion of “general tedium of Uk housing events ” – as a consumer, I have been to a few myself over the years, and I know the feeling – but its a bit like fishing, isnt it. Most days you use loads of bait and catch nothing, but you still go back the next day, because you know that Trophy fish is in there somewhere! –
    So my message for today – Dont be afraid of Progress – otherwise we stay where we are.

  2. Loved the robots as housing managers slide – and have taken away,and already started talking to developers about, your point that all services need to be accessible through mobile.

    Brilliant stuff!

  3. A spot on summary of the day. It was exhausting but really enlightening and has certainly got the team at @haltonhousing focussed on our next steps

    Keep all the good stuff coming on Twitter – and that’s a message to everyone and not just you Paul!

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