It’s all about people…….

Yesterday I blogged on the dangers of just talking about what you do ,rather than what you actually change.

Today I saw a lovely poem – on our internal social network. It’s written by one of our “Opportunities 4 Employment” customers. O4E is a 6-month paid placement aimed at offering people an apprenticeship and a career.

It’s really powerful and I ask you to read it. But there is one thing wrong with it. I’ll tell you what it is later.

Here it is:

Bromfords done so much for me
a tenancy – an O4E
they took a chance and set me free

I knew that i would stand my ground
work so hard make them proud
kept on going, stand out from the crowd

Challenged myself with every turn
confidence growing as i learn
be everything that they need and more
from 9am straight through till 4!!

To think that a few years ago
I was homeless, alone no place to go
no job, no home, no life, no me

The one thing wrong? The opening line.

It’s not about Bromford.

It’s about people like Charley.


2 thoughts on “It’s all about people…….

  1. 100% Correct, Paul Yes, Bromford may have provided the opportunity, but nobody forced Charley to take it, work at it , and make it work, did they. Nice to be appreciated, though, isn’t it, Paul, especially in verse !!

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