The Smartest People Will Never Work For You

Joy’s law is the principle that “no matter who you are, most of the smartest people work for someone else”. Bill Joy, the computer engineer to whom it’s attributed argued that if you rely solely on your own employees, you’ll never solve all your customers’ needs. It’s a quote that’s never been more true. JoyContinue reading “The Smartest People Will Never Work For You”

How Technology Is Changing Our Conversation

In 2013 a Communications Director named Justine Sacco landed in Cape Town after a flight from New York. As she switched her phone back on she was met with two messages. The first was from someone she hadn’t spoken to for years: “I’m so sorry to see what’s happening.” The second was from her bestContinue reading “How Technology Is Changing Our Conversation”

Minority Dissent: Why Intelligent People Fail To Solve Problems

At the end of November 2018 my blog posts dried up. I’ve not published one for over seven weeks – the longest gap for a couple of years. The problem wasn’t that I had nothing to write, rather I was afraid of the reaction to what I’d say. I have five draft posts I’ve struggled toContinue reading “Minority Dissent: Why Intelligent People Fail To Solve Problems”

Making Sense of Social Media and Learning

 In 2017 not using social media as a leader is akin to sitting in a closed office with the door shut and the phone on divert – all day everyday. However – there’s often a gap between social media and our ‘real’ work. Despite the fact that we’ll spend about three years of our livesContinue reading “Making Sense of Social Media and Learning”

Stepping Behind The Rhetoric of Digital Transformation

Fundamentally the challenge for current leaders and public sector organisations is the legacy thinking and a business model which is rooted in serving a de facto purpose which is disconnected from the people and places the organisation or leaders serve – Carl Haggerty   Yesterday I chaired an event where the CEO of HACT ,Continue reading “Stepping Behind The Rhetoric of Digital Transformation”

2015: The year we put the social back into housing 

You can have super star status online without any official status offline; you can be a powerful chief executive offline with very little impact online – Victoria Betton  Just over two years ago I pronounced rather grandly that 2012 was the year we went social. The year the UK housing sector embraced new technologies embarkingContinue reading “2015: The year we put the social back into housing “

Five Things We Learned From Doing A Twitter Only Recruitment

About five or six years ago I applied for another job. It would have been a significant promotion – nearly doubling what I earned at the time. I went through the usual shenanigans that come with this type of recruitment. The huge application form. The CV. The covering letter. The telephone interview. The online assessment.Continue reading “Five Things We Learned From Doing A Twitter Only Recruitment”

Social conversations: time to move beyond broadcasting

Man is by nature a social animal; an individual who is unsocial naturally and not accidentally is either beneath our notice or more than human – Aristotle That’s the intellectual stuff out of the way. Let’s talk about Instagram and social conversations. People sharing their passions and interests is what social is all about forContinue reading “Social conversations: time to move beyond broadcasting”

The Unexpected Benefits Of Becoming A Social Organisation

It’s little over two years since Bromford lifted any restrictions on social media and offered complete freedom to every single colleague. Our world didn’t end. In fact it got better. It’s almost impossible to remember what life was like before the wall came down. Hundreds of Bromford people have online profiles and blogs. Virtually all are membersContinue reading “The Unexpected Benefits Of Becoming A Social Organisation”

Your Own Personal Social Media Policy: 10 Top Tips

“Companies often want this one single voice but when you have thousands of employees there’s no way you can have a single voice and be authentic,”  – Professor Joonas Rokka One of the best links I saw last week was about how employees active on social media play a crucial role in corporate brand management.Continue reading “Your Own Personal Social Media Policy: 10 Top Tips”

How Social Are Your Organisational Values?

One of the most repeated laws of the social web is that people trust word of mouth recommendation via personal networks more than they do advertising or PR. With that in mind , it’s odd that more organisations don’t harness one of the most powerful resources at their disposal-the people they employ. If ,for example, youContinue reading “How Social Are Your Organisational Values?”

Social Media Training: Don’t Mention #Socialmedia

Everything good in life , a cool business , a great romance , a powerful social movement – begins with a conversation – Daniel H. Pink   Part of the reason for starting this blog was to share the journey Bromford are on towards becoming a social business. Two years in – what have weContinue reading “Social Media Training: Don’t Mention #Socialmedia”

20 Things They Never Told Us About Going Social

 ‘Pecha Kucha’ (literally – “Chit Chat” in Japanese) is a short presentation of 20 slides shown for 20 seconds each. The 20×20 format allows the presenter to talk for six minutes and 40 seconds – no more, no less – on a personal passion, project or interest of their choice.  I was recently asked toContinue reading “20 Things They Never Told Us About Going Social”

How Social Is Your CEO?

Last week I ran a workshop for a number of Chief Executives. Whilst preparing my slidedeck (which is featured above) I spoke to a friend who is the Managing Director of a medium sized business. They have a very basic website. No media links. When I asked why he doesn’t use social media , he answered simply: PaulContinue reading “How Social Is Your CEO?”

Why Social Recruitment Is Disrupting How We Apply For Jobs

What if your next employer spent ten minutes searching your online profile? Are you happy with everything they would find? Last week I posted about how social media could land you your next job and the dangers of online professional invisibility. But having a badly curated profile can be even more damaging when it comesContinue reading “Why Social Recruitment Is Disrupting How We Apply For Jobs”

5 Social Media Policies That You Can Love

I posted last week about How Your Social Media Policy Could Kill Your Culture. It was about the “control creep” that’s affecting some organisations as they try to protect themselves from a social media firestorm. In this post I want to look at a few organisations whose policies and guidance acknowledge the risks but seeContinue reading “5 Social Media Policies That You Can Love”

How Your Social Media Policy Could Kill Your Culture

I love Social Media. But really, it’s not that important. Not compared to some things. I’ve begun to see a few posts suggesting that companies need to take more control over their employees social media output. That word – ‘control’ – has actually been used on more than one occasion. An unwelcome trend. It’s obviousContinue reading “How Your Social Media Policy Could Kill Your Culture”

Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?

It’s May 2008 , and Helena Moore and I have just left the stage at the European Customer Management World Conference. We had just presented to an audience that included John Lewis , Microsoft and some young startup outfit called Facebook. People who we would now recognise as experts in marketing their product and selling theirContinue reading “Does Social Housing Need To Find A Richard Branson?”

Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?

“We are a live, work, play company. When we first started using Twitter, it was a way we could stay connected while also helping our customers if they needed it.” This quote comes in an article I shared about Zappos , the online shoe and clothing store. It says a lot to me about customer engagement.Continue reading “Do You Love Your Customers Enough To Follow Them Back?”

The New Transparency

What does having an open social media policy say about a company? For me , it says nothing about social media and everything about trust. Trust in your people – you believe that they come to work to do good things , not wreck your reputation. Trust in yourself – you are an open businessContinue reading “The New Transparency”